Procurement Pandemonium

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In the post-pandemic world, procurement holds paramount importance for business as it delivers measurable value. The evolution in the procurement functions is targeted towards more significant payoffs related to cost savings, innovation, category management, and innovation powered by digital transformation.

Winning the Wireless customer experience

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In the post-pandemic scenario, multiple changes are unfolding in the retail industry. The major catalysts for this turnaround are pandemic, acquisition of new technologies, and digital transformation. In the first quarter of 2020, carriers reduced the number of stores,

Construction in COVID-19

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Generally, it is said that as you hit rock bottom, the only place where you can go from there is up. Similarly, the economy has suffered so badly during covid-19 that a small increase looks gigantic and promising. A post covid outlook of the economy is positive as unemployment is declining, people are starting to […]

Retail revolution

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The burgeoning retail sector’s progress got halted by the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2019. Growing through 2021 and beyond, retail companies need to transform and adapt to the changing outlook of the postpandemic retail world. Diversity, inclusion, workforce health, and safety would be at the top of the priority list for retail companies from now onwards. The article discusses varying contours of a retail rebound in the post-pandemic world, focusing on the US fortune 500 companies as case studies.

Travel in a post pandemic world


Covid 19 has brought world economic growth to a screeching halt. By the end of 2020, the world’s GDP is estimated to be 7% lower than it would have been without the pandemic. More than 15 percent of people working in the traveling industry have lost jobs to the COVID-19. Widespread lockdowns have turbocharged changes […]