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Companies are meant to grow, however by releasing assets you can create a substantial benefit for your company

Research shows the average divestiture takes from 6-12 months, and the options seem to be straight forward, an IPO, a sale to another organization within your industry, a sale to a PE firm, and a spinoff company funded by current investors. Even though these choices seem straight forward they can all have different financial implications and must be weighed carefully.


JHelmy&Co. believes partnering with our client throughout the entire transaction process we offer end to end support throughout the separation. This helps us create an amazing divestiture strategy and allows you to receive a optimal deal.


Most companies can seek substantial benefit from divesting, and it has shown to unlock substantial value. We help identify and screen prospective buyers and assess businesses beyond the obvious metrics . which will maximize the overall price for your assets. This allows you to worry about your company while we handle your divestiture.




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